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After publishing a free-access website for four years I switched to a subscription service in 2010. This service contains previews and opinions on a selection of fights from around the world and is specifically intended for those who like to wager on boxing matches. (Previews are sent out by email.)
The link between boxing and wagering has long fascinated me. Sportsmen have been gambling on boxing matches since the bare-knuckle beginnings of the sport.
Many sites offer free tips on boxing matches. Picking winners and successfully wagering on boxing are not one and the same, though.
Anyone can offer a prediction on a fight where one boxer is a -1500 favourite and get the winner right. That’s child’s play.
Wagering is different. Sometimes it is better to look at various propositions on a fight rather than take a position on one fighter. For instance, will the fight go a certain number of rounds? Is one boxer more likely to win by decision or by knockout?
I look at a selection of fights each month and break down the wagering opportunities.
I take look at possible parlays (or accumulators as they are known in the U.K.), which for the uninitiated is grouping two or more boxers in one wager to obtain more attractive odds.
Each week I not only make wagering recommendations but I also offer opinions on fights even if I am not making an “official” wagering endorsement.
When I am offering wagering advice I will wait for the oddsmaker(s) to release the betting lines. Most picks will appear the day before the fight. I find I seem to get a stronger feeling for a fight as the bout draws closer.
There are wagering strategies to ensure that a player can stay ahead or at worst not blow a bankroll in the first few months. My strategy is steady growth. My service is not about beating the sportsbooks into submission. That will never happen, nor would we want it to. It is about careful planning and prudent money management. This service is about getting enjoyment out of wagering, because I believe betting should be fun as well as, one hopes, profitable.
No one gets it right all the time. Some of the sharpest boxing minds I have known have had losing runs. Each week I email a wagering review to subscribers. When I get a prediction wrong I will look back at the fight and seek to pinpoint the mistake that was made, if any — because a losing play can sometimes come down to a dubious decision or sheer bad luck.
I have been doing this for a very long time. I devote many hours to breaking down the week’s fights, sometimes even doing a line-by-line breakdown of the fighters’ records in the course of my research. I spend hours a day watching the fights on video.
There will be good weeks and bad weeks, but the idea is always to come out ahead at the end of the year.
Many of you will be excellent judges of boxing, “good handicappers” as they say in the business. If I can bring something to your attention that might help you to make a winning wager, or avoid a losing one, then I will have accomplished what I am setting out to do.
Previews and picks are sent to subscribers by email.
I will continue to provide an occasional preview for the website but subscribers get wagering-specific previews.
A monthly subscription is only $20 and you can cancel at any time with a pro-rated refund.