Q: Can a subscription be cancelled at any time?
A: Cancel any time. Cancelled subscriptions will be allocated on a basis of time left on the 30-day subscription (i.e., two weeks left; $10 refunded).
Q: What happens if you do not post new articles for subscribers for, say, one week?
A: If fresh articles are not published in any given week, the subscription will be extended for a week. I cannot imagine there would be many weeks out of the year when articles would not be published.
 Q: Will you just be offering opinions on certain fights?
A: The idea is to offer an opinion on every bettable fight, even if it is only a “stay away from this” opinion.
Q: You will have free content on the site. Will subscribers get exclusive previews?
A: Yes, there will be previews that will be exclusive to subscribers.
Q: Will your previews appear before the sportsbook betting lines are published, or after?
A: After. I spend many hours researching fights. The oddsmakers are very good at what they do, one or two are even brilliant at it, but if I come across what I think is a nugget of information I do not wish to give any tipoffs. Oddsmakers do sometimes post an “off” line. These mistakes by oddsmakers are increasingly rare, but they do happen. Subscribers will be alerted when I see what I feel is an “off” line.
Q: Will subscribers get anything more than the wagering opinions and exclusive previews?
A: Yes. The plan is for articles on the philosophy of wagering (such as how to proceed when a player wants to “have action” but has no solid opinion), the strategy to adopt when a negative spell occurs (and it does happen), plus a breakdown of the past week’s fights from a wagering perspective (what went wrong, what went right). I believe that in boxing, in betting and in life itself one is learning all the time. I have made mistakes and I like to think I have learned from them. I want the subscription part of the site to be entertaining as well as informative with the aim of guiding sporting types to find winners. The site is essentially about information and entertainment; it is not meant to be a "bet on this" site. I like to think it is a little more than that. 
Q: What do you bring to the table?
A: I have been doing this for a very long time — writing about boxing, in Europe and North America, observing and studying. Some of you will know me, or know of me. I spend many hours analysing forthcoming fights. Regular readers of the Fightwriter site will know my track record.
Q: Is a subscription going to be worth the money?
A: It depends how you look at it. For five bucks a week you will at worst get what I believe will be an entertaining read. All wagering opinions should be your own. I will be offering opinions but it is always going to be your finger on the “accept wager” trigger. I am just your second opinion. However, if, each month, I can guide a player even to one winner that he would not have had without being a subscriber, then that month’s subscription will have more than paid for itself.
Q: Will you inform subscribers by email when a new article or opinion has been posted in the subscription section?
A: Yes.
Q: What are the payment methods?
A: I accept payments by  PayPal, including credit card and bank payments through PayPal. Or you can send a cheque or money order. (My mailing address will be supplied on request.)