About Graham

I’ve been covering boxing for a very long time, since 1963, first writing for newspapers in London, then for the two specialist publications Boxing News and Boxing Monthly in the U.K. (I was editor of both) before crossing the pond, since when I have been American correspondent for each of these journals in turn.
My travels to boxing shows have taken me all over the British Isles and Europe, and there was a long stretch when I was attending every big fight in Las Vegas as well as flying to other locations in the U.S. and Mexico to cover boxing.
I gave my own odds and offered free previews on this website before going in a new direction with the subscription service in 2010. Some subscribers simply enjoy the previews and aren’t interested in wagering. At the moment I am not keeping a track record of wins and losses as I always look on this as a long game, but I will gladly email my last 20 picks to a potential subscriber so that he/she can see how I’ve been doing and what sort of information I’m providing.